Tips on How to Shop For Best Central Air Conditioner

How do you know if it is your air conditioner that is not responsible for higher electric bills? So if you are out to shop for your central air conditioner need, you must check on some of the aspects of best central air conditioner service.

  • Firstly Know The Best Central Air Conditioner Types

A central AC unit distributes air throughout the house. There are two types of central air conditioners, split-system unit or a packaged unit.

Best Central Air Conditioner

  • Sizing Of The Central Air Conditioners

The myth that bigger the size of the physical dimension of an AC unit better is the production of fresh air is all false. It depends upon the British Thermal Unit (BTU) that measures the heat output. One ton is equal to 12,000 BTUs an hour. To put it just, it measures the amount of energy it would take to melt a ton of ice in a day.

Therefore best central air conditioner units of one ton are best for 600 square feet of living space that is well insulated.

  • Efficiency

This will describe the cooling each watt of electricity delivers. AC efficiency is expressed in Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, known as the SEER. The SEER for split system central air conditioner is 14 as the minimum. So if you are shopping in for the best central air conditioner, look for the higher SEER. It will lower your energy bills.

  • Choose Programmable Thermostats

Air Conditioner Thermostat

When you choose programmable thermostats, you can reduce the cooling costs by a reasonable amount. It saves money; it offers consistent temperature. Programmable thermostats take less time to adjust to the weather conditions. It ultimately benefits your home’s efficiency

  • Maintenance Services

A well-reviewed AC company will offer service plans that will combine regular inspections and discounts on repairs. It must also come with the labour warranty.

  • Purchase Air Conditioners With The Efficiency Rating

The best central air conditioner comes with energy established efficiency rating. SEER gives these ratings. The mathematics here is pure. Higher the number, more efficient is the unit. The costing of it will be lower too. To get the most efficient central air conditioner models, the SEER ratings must be of 15 to 17.

  • Salient Features Of The Best Central Air Conditioner

Energy saving and high SEER rating air conditioners will have large coils for efficient transfer of heat. It must have the high-temperature rating and come with a variable –speed blower to reduce the electricity consumption. The AC unit must also have a fan-only switch. This will allow you to leave the fan running and circulate air natural even when you switch off the cooling. The new feature involves a filter light indicating when the filter needs a change.


The need for energy efficient air conditioner is need of the hour as we are not only responsible for curtailing costs but towards energy conservation. Hope this article has served you in looking for the best central air conditioner.

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