Cool down your Electricity bill with some easy to implement tricks!s

As the temperature increases, do you find yourself at the receiving end of a huge bill? Are you fed up with the ever-increasing cooling cost? Well, here are some easy to implement tips to help you reduce your monthly bill.

1. Air Conditioning takes the prize for being the major contributor to the electricity bill so what should you do when you cannot afford to switch it off? Here is the solution for you or in other words, most efficient home air conditioner hack which comes by the name of Eco Home Services.

Most Efficient Home Air Conditioner

Eco Home is a device, developed and manufactured by Smartcool – a company which is highly praised and recommended by leading hotel chains of the world for bringing down the energy costs, increasing their profits and helping them to contribute more towards the conservation of the natural resources. This device is the smaller version of the actual device used by these hotel chains.

It controls the compressor and pumps only the required amount of coolant so that excess energy is not consumed and helps you save up to 40% of your electricity bill. Currently, it is available only in Arizona and South California but soon the company will expand its market across the USA.

2. Use a fan or any other circulating fan
The fan won’t cool your room like an air conditioner but it will certainly make it more comfortable because of the wind-chill effect.

3. Economic use of Air conditioners
Use a programmable thermostat which will detect when to increase or decrease the temperature based on your presence in the room or if you are a resident of Arizona or South California, you can even use Eco Home. The choice is up to you.

4. Maintenance of the air conditionersUsing a smart thermostat or eco home device is not enough to bring down your cooling costs. Ensure that your air conditioners are dirt free because the dust particles can block the outlets which in turn will consume more energy. Therefore, allot one weekend to clean the windows of your air conditioner.

Most Efficient Air Conditioner

5. Use curtains and external shades to block out the heat
Try to limit the amount of solar heat entering the rooms. Use curtains and external shades to block out the excess heat from entering the room. Also, avoid using dark colours because dark colours such as maroon, black, navy blue are excellent absorbers of heat and light the colour, lessen the amount of heat captured.

6. Try to avoid the heat build-up during the daytime
Try to wash the dishes by hand and air dry your clothes so that you can avoid using devices such as dishwasher and clothes dryer to avoid the heat build-up in the house. Or you can do these activities post-sunset when the temperature is low.

Often, we overlook simple tips or ways to find solutions for some of the common problems. So, these are some tips which will help you to bring down the rising energy costs.

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