5 Ways to Make your Best Central Air Conditioner Most Efficient

Cooling is necessary for living comfortably and working. But, cooling efficiency is a concern for most of us. If you are installing a Central Air Conditioner, an inefficient cooling system will not be able to provide the necessary cooling output. It also incurs huge costs for a reasonable price. It may be problematic if you live in an area with temperatures already soaring in the early spring.

You might be fed up paying same bills for consecutive years. But, you need not worry as we are here to help you make your Best Central Air Conditioner work efficiently. Here is how you can save a lot of money and time by understanding the components of your Central Air Conditioner system.

Fix Leaky Ducts

Finding ducts in your Best Central Air Conditioner is the best way to make it more efficient. You can find it with the help of smoke as it will pass through ducts easily. Try lighting a stick of incense for this. Hold it at the connections where the pieces of ductwork meet one another. If the smoke doesn’t blow around then, you don’t have any problem. If the smoke blows around, you have the problem which can be sealed with foil or duct tape in most cases.

Best Central Air Conditioner

Change the Filter

A clog or filter does lesser harm but it can cause the AC work less efficiently and in long-term it can consume more electricity. So, for reducing impacting of your overall level of comfort you should clean the dirty filter. Consider changing the filter once per month during the hot season. You need only two or three when your unit is only used for some time.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat lets you programme the heating and cooling. You can use this technology to raise the temperature when you’re away from home. But make sure you don’t allow it to climb too high. Climbing too high will just make Central Air Conditioner work harder to remove the residual heat from your home. It is worse use.

Insulate the Ducts

Consider insulating the ducts of Central Air Conditioner regularly. It must be insulated if they are located in crawlspaces or in attics. You can seal the ducts with the spray foam, batting, or even rigid foam with foil tape. The wrap can be used in tight spaces, too. So, have you insulated your Central Air Conditioner this summer? No? Insulate it soon.

Keep the Compressor Clean

The compressor is the part of the unit that is located outside. Go there once a week or after windy storms to check that there is no debris lodged in. It could be in the fins. Ensure that there are at least 24 inches (two feet) of space cleared around all sides.

All in all, knowing a bit about your Central Air Conditioner unit can help you extend its life in many ways. You can run it more efficiently. However, if you find yourself helpless, remember to call a professional.

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