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The Ecohome: Is It Worth It?

Today we’re taking a look at a product that a lot of you probably haven’t heard of before. It’s a gadget that’s basically an energy-saving hack. Ecohome uses some pretty amazing tech to reduce the power your A/C unit draws… but doesn’t mess with the temperature like smart thermostats do. So if you own an air conditioner - even if you have a smart thermostat - the Ecohome could save you a lot of money, if it’s the real deal. Warning: It took me a little effort to find one. You can’t buy Ecohome in stores yet. Only online, and, as of writing this review, only if you live in Southern California or Florida, but that might change by the time you read this. Thankfully, I live in Orange Country, so I was able to get my hands on one to test it out. My Ecohome arrived about a month and a half ago, and I have to admit that I’m not great with tools so I gave a handyman buddy a 6-pack to install it. He said it was easy, so I suppose that’s a plus. But unless you’re super familiar with your A/C unit’s inner workings, I’d find a skilled person to put it in.

How It Works (The Quick and Dirty Version)

Do you love fluid dynamics? Me neither! But the engineer who invented this thing did, and he essentially designed an adaptive computer that manipulates the coolant. From what I've seen, it uses some pretty advanced algorithms to find the best time to pump coolant, and it does so by ramping up the compressor when it's most efficient to do so. When it’s inefficient to pump, it turns the compressor off. It’s mostly related to temperature, and my handyman friend said it’s pretty well-known stuff, but I’m more at home setting up my Raspberry Pi than doing physics. Anyway, that’s the reason it’s different from a smart thermostat. The thermostat just turns on the A/C unit when your set temperature is hit, then Ecohome takes over and figures out the best way to reach that temperature without wasting energy.

Usually my bill goes up as the weather gets warmer, but it actually went down after my first full month of using EcoHome.

At this rate, I’ll have it paid off in less than a year, and then I’m practically making money. The EcoHome looks like a surefire way to reduce your electric bills, especially if you run your A/C all the time like I tend to. There’s one catch: like I said, it’s only available online at, and it’s exclusive to Florida and Southern California right now. So if you’re lucky enough to live in one of those two areas, you could be saving a heck of a lot. I’m a big believer that every homeowner should reduce their carbon footprint. And even if you’re not a tree-hugger like me, it’s hard to say no to all those savings. And given the way California does things, you might as well get one before power rates go up again.